Please note these items can be grilled at our business OR grilled onsite  - however, there will be additional charges for us to grill at your  location (some restrictions apply).  

This menu is just a sample menu - Chef Bob can do just about anything!
Please order at least 4 days before your event - we book on a first come basis.  Prices subject to change
Once you pick out the food you want, fill out our Quote Request form for a complete quote tailored to your requests! 

Grill Menu




Mashed Potatoes 

        Creamy potatoes served w/brown gravy      

Smashed Potatoes  (+.50pp)
        Whole potatoes smashed w/sour cream, 

                 cheese & green onions        

Ranch-Style Potatoes      

         Sliced potatoes in a creamy ranch sauce 

                 w/onion & bell pepper           

 Au Gratin Potatoes                                

         Sliced potatoes in a creamy cheese sauce, 

                 topped with toasted bread crumbs      

Macaroni & Cheese     

          Bob's delicious mac & cheese topped 

                 w/toasted bread crumbs      

Rice Pilaf
        White rice cooked w/chopped carrots, 

                  mushrooms & onions                         

Crazy Rice
        White rice cooked w/red onion, bell peppers, 

                  corn, raisins & parsley                         
Yellow Rice
Potato Salad
       Chunks of tender white & sweet potato, 

Cheese Grits
       Creamy grits infused w/cheddar cheese     

Pasta Salad



Sautéed Green Beans
          Sautéed w/garlic & red bell peppers 

Sautéed Mixed Veggies
          Broccoli, Cauliflower & Carrots   

Sautéed Broccoli         

Roasted Asparagus (+$1pp)        
Cole Slaw 

Baked Beans

Garden Salad
      Mixed greens, tomato & cucumber served 

       w/Ranch & Vinaigrette 

          (+.75pp if a veggie choice)                         
Caesar Salad            

       Classic romaine w/Parmesan cheese, Caesar 

        dressing & homemade croutons  

            (+.75pp if a veggie choice)   


  • Extra Side $1.25 per person
  • Extra Garden Salad or Caesar Salad $2 per person